82% increase of Greek exports to China
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March 28, 2012
82% increase of Greek exports to China
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An analysis of Greek export figures for 2011 showed that China recorded one of the biggest percentage growth rates, with 82% increase of Greek exports to China.

Greek exports grew by 37 pct in 2011 to 22.451 billion euros, from 16.392 billion euros in 2010, reflecting a widening export activity throughout developed markets. Italy became the largest importer of Greek products in 2011, surpassing Germany for the second time in post-war history.

The analysis also showed that 15 new products, mainly from building materials, and food and beverage were included in the top 100 most exporting Greek products in 2011. Imports fell 10 pct in 2011, and as a result the country’s trade deficit fell by 10.9 billion euros to 20.8 billion euros in 2011.

Moreover, for January 2012, Greece's trade balance deficit fell by 29.1 percent, according to provisional figures released by the independent Hellenic Statistical Authority on Tuesday, attributed to a small increase in exports and a larger decline in imports spurred by a further drop in domestic consumption.